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Bear Motion for Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Keyboard Case - Premium Folio Case with Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard for Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Inch Tablet - Black
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Bear Motion for Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Keyboard Case - Premium Folio Case with Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard for Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Inch Tablet - Black


FBA BM KF 8.9 Keyboard Case Black

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When it comes to tablet cases, nobody knows better than Bear Motion. Give us a try and there will be no regret.

Two reasons to buy Bear Motion:
Reason No. 1: Rigorous and relentless quality control
One might think that anybody can make these cases that have nothing special in design. While this is true, nobody other than Bear Motion can deliver the quality consistently to every end user.
Reason No. 2: Best material guaranteed
We only use the best. Never compromise quality for any reasons.

As much as we do the quality control rigorously, there are still possible defective items slipping through our fingers, since all of these products are handmade. Please make sure to contact us if the less fortunate incident happens to you. We will do everything to correct the problem should it happens.

  • Durable PU leather material for Durability and Elegance

  • Designed and Made specially for Kindle Fire HD 8.9 Tablet

  • Detachable Bluetooth Keyboard

  • Bear Motion is registered trademark with USPTO and is protected by US trademark law

  • LED light indicator: a. when you plug in to charge, a red light will come on. It will go off when the keyboard is fully charged. b. when you switch the keyboard on, you will see either a blue light or a red light coming on for a few seconds and then going off. If you see a blue light on for a few seconds, it indicates that keyboard does not charge. if you see a red light coming on, it means you need to charge the keyboard. c. when you click the pair button, you will see the blue light blinking, which indicates that the keyboard is in pairing mode and will show up on your tablet when the tablet is searching for nearby devices.

Product Details:
Package Length: 9.8 inches
Package Width: 7.7 inches
Package Height: 1.2 inches
Package Weight: 0.75 pounds
Average Customer Rating: based on 1015 reviews
Customer Reviews:
Average Customer Review:4.0 ( 1015 customer reviews )
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Most Helpful Customer Reviews

596 of 615 found the following review helpful:

4Problem with Bluetooth Keypad  Jan 07, 2013
By MDStever
I recently ordered a BearMotion Portfolio Case for my new Kindle HD 8.9. The porfolio arrived within just a couple of days and it is quite nice. Good quality construction, and cut to fit all of the ports/web cam etc on the Kindle. The removable keypad makes it great as a reader too.

The Bluetooth keypad had limited, but clear instructions and after only one or two fumblethumbed attempts on my part began to work great....other than haveing to touch the kindle screen for some of the save/send etc commands it really turns the Tablet into a pretty versatile mini laptop.

Then, after several days of usage the keypad stopped functioning.....I spoke with Kindle support who tried their best, but couldnt seem to help me. Finally I happened to find the email address of the supplying company email from me to ask for help, one email from them with suggested diagnostic, one more from me says bluetooth device was not being recognized by my cell phone, or kindle and these nice folks decided to go ahead and replace the problem pad. Great customer service, great courtesy, and a company that I would recommend to my friends and plan to buy from in the future.

437 of 458 found the following review helpful:

5First product video review  Jun 11, 2013
By Anthony
[[VIDEOID:mo2GBK31SNI7OL9]]This is my first time doing a video review so please forgive the quality

**Update: What I forgot to mention in the video is I really wish Bear Motion would install a pocket to hold a stylus, since there is space on the right side of the case.

344 of 362 found the following review helpful:

5works great; very nice case  Jan 05, 2013
By Pat
--SO much easier than the on-screen keyboard.
--This is one of the two most responsive, involved merchants on Amazon whom I have encountered. The other, if you have a cat, is PetFusion.
--Linked quickly and easily to Kindle Fire, and with desktop PC, which is a first for me. I never have luck with bluetooth connections
--I have a wireless keyboard and mouse for my PC. They work off the same dongle. Yet, when I paired this keyboard to my PC via bluetooth, there was no interference, even though I was using the wireless mouse with this bluetooth keyboard (if that makes sense). I was concerned that there might be interference, but this little keyboard just typed away like a champ. Conceivably I could replace the larger wireless keyboard with this tiny one, although I doubt I'll ever be able to type fast on this. I have limited space, so it would be nice to get by with this tiny keyboard.
--Case is well designed and attractive.
--Kindle Fire is easy to insert into case, but it's still held firmly. Fire is surrounded by case material, so its sides are not exposed, except for ports and buttons and speakers. Everything is perfectly squared.
--Outer surface of case has enough texture to grip, but it still slides easily in and out of purse or briefcase.
--Magnet closure is quick and convenient
--Stand is nicely made and sturdy. I was impressed by the stand's appearance and structure. When folded down, it's flush with the case surface. It has an elegant little cloth pulltab that is also flush with the case.
--Key arrangement is as close to "normal" as is reasonably possible. No learning curve, except for touch typing.
--No space and weight wasted on borders, trim, decorations, etc. This is what I liked about this keyboard and case just from looking at pictures of it on Amazon's product page.
--Key press feel is about normal
--All-black, simple design is classy.
--Charging cord is nice and short. Charges great on the Amazon rapid charger sold as an accessory to these new HD Fires.
--Very good price for such a high quality product.
--Comes with a handy foam insert that fits the Fire compartment perfectly, if you prefer to use a different cover for the Fire and just carry the keyboard when it will be needed.

Not-really-cons; more like what to expect of this size keyboard:
--Like any tiny bluetooth keyboard made to match the size of a Kindle Fire, the keys are more crowded than a standard keyboard.
--Naturally, carrying around a keyboard and Fire in one case is heavier than just the Fire.
--Because of the slightly more crowded key layout, I make some typos and don't type just right sometimes, so a keystroke will be missed. I'll get the hang of it.

97 of 100 found the following review helpful:

4wonderful keyboard  May 03, 2013
By Medwardh555
i bought this bluetooth mini keyboard so I could type faster and easier. I am going to break down this items in two parts, first part will be about the keyboard the second part the case. Before I start the review I will first state why I choice this one and not one of the others. Most of the other mini keyboards and cases had a lot of great reviews but also some bad ones, the way my luck is that I would get the bad item. I choose this one cause there was no review and it looked great. Now to the review of this great item.

Mini bluetooth keyboard: This is my first ever bluetooth item I have ever own so I am not sure much on how it works. The pairing of the keyboard is simple and easy but when you turn off the keyboard you have to re pair it to get it to work its not that much of a problem only takes seconds, One of the cons of this keyboard is that the space bar doesn't always work, there have been many times when I am writing and have to back space cause the space bar didn't work. The keyboard is small like all of the mini keyboards so it takes some time to get use to it but after using it for a while its pretty great to type with. So far I have never had it not turn on and or malfunction so it that part its been great. I love the feel of the keys, they do have a bit a resistance like a normal keyboard does which makes using it nice. I would say this is all i can write about the keyboard, I give the keyboard 5 stars.

Case: The case is crafted wonderfully and is a great case if you don't have one already. I love how it feels and the stand in the back is wonderful, the keyboard magnetically attaches to the case so its easy to travel with and the kindle fire 7" hd fits wonderfully in the case and there are access holes so you can still charge the unit with out removing the kindle. Now for the Cons, first off it only stands on its side so if you are using an app that forces you to use it vertically then you will have to hold it in your hand, you can't really charge the unit while using it with the stand cause the access holes are on the bottom. the stand in the back of the case sometimes likes to fall back into itself while you are using it but its not bad enough that its not usable. So far these are all the cons I have seen so far with the case. i give the case 3 stars cause of these problems.
My over all review of this product is 4 stars and I love the keyboard, I am not even using the case anymore, I went back using my swivel case. The keyboard is well worth the price, and if you don't have a case then this case will work wonders for you but I think most people would want a swivel case instead.
I hope I answered all of your questions but if not please leave a comment and I will try to answer all your questions. thank you for taking the time to read this review.

54 of 54 found the following review helpful:

5Very Pleased  Jul 08, 2014
By Hal in Howell
I've only had the Bear Motion keyboard/case for a few days, so far it performs as advertised. This is the first Bluetooth device I've ever used.

I use the keyboard/case with my Kindle Fire HDX 8.9, but I can also use the keyboard, which detaches from the case, with my Kindle Fire HD 8.9. The keyboard pairs with both devices without too much fuss. I was pleased to discover that using the arrow keys, the keyboard allows navigation of the Kindle *desktop* with relative ease. It's not like having a mouse, but it is as close as you can get and much improved over touch screen navigation (the touch screen still functions when the keyboard is paired).

The keyboard itself is very responsive and it is so much easier to type emails, etc. than the touch screen keyboard once you become accustomed to the smaller form factor. The keyboard/case and Kindle combine perfectly into a nice, compact *folio* about an inch thick that appears to offer considerable protection for both the keyboard and Kindle (I haven't dropped it to test that assertion). The entire package weighs 1 lbs. 11 oz. The Kindle is well secured in the case with a Velcro clasp. The magnets locking the keyboard in place are very strong. The prop that holds the Kindle upright when typing works great.

I've read several reviews that claim the Kindle doesn't fit the case. Obviously, those customers ordered the wrong case. Also, some claim that the the case doesn't have cutouts for the various Kindle functions. Not true (again, the wrong case was ordered). The case for the Kindle Fire HDX 8.9 has cutouts for all its functions: the speakers, rear camera, on-off and volume buttons, audio plug access, and micro-USB charging port (BTW, the Kindle and keyboard use the same size USB charging cable and a cable is included). One subtle design feature is that the loop clasp that secures the case when closed also serves to protect the rear camera lens (yes, the rear camera *does* work with the Kindle in the case). The bottom line here is make sure you order a case compatible with your Kindle (the HD 8.9 and HDX 8.9 are completely different!)

I do have some minor complaints. I wish the clasp that secures the case when closed was Velcro rather than a loop (like a belt). That said, the loop clasp does what it is supposed to do; it just takes a few seconds longer to put in place. The keyboard lacks a tilde ~ symbol. Lastly, there is no Caps Lock indicator on the keyboard (is it on or off?) This could pose a problem entering passwords. These issues are certainly not deal-killers.

So far, the keyboard/case is almost perfect; it does everything it is supposed to do. It is a good value (purchased from Amazon @ $32.99) and I highly recommend it. I'm actually considering ordering a separate one for my Kindle Fire HD 8.9. If I encounter any issues, I will append this review.

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